"There hasn’t been such a beautiful and talented women to hail from Canada since Shania Twain; it’s time for the next icon." 


                     - Alex Greene, Executive Producer

six-time Emmy award winner


"Laura was a charm to work with. She delivers a positive intelligent lyric with emotion. Her positive attitude and humor is contagious!"

- John Jaszcz, Executive Producer

Seven-time Grammy award winner

"Because of her journey and interesting life experiences, Laura has a unique view of life and her songs and voice capture it"

- Dough Kahan, Writer

Grammy award winner

Laura Palumbo is a country and pop artist from London Ontario. She is a singer/songwriter and musician who plays five instruments and is fluent in three languages. She won the Italian Idol competition in 2010 and since has performed abroad in Europe and North America with international recognition.

Following her idol win, Laura released her self-titled debut album in both English and Italian. Several songs were used for licensing in the United Kingdom and her Italian hit "Un Salto Nel Blu" can be heard on Toronto Radio. 

Laura’s musical influences include CCR, Johnny Cash and the Beatles among other artist. 

"Pop hooks and melodies are my forte, but country roots bring me home and resonate the most with me" said Laura.


Laura was raised in the country and lived on a working farm. Her childhood years of caring for the livestock inspired her to become a veterinarian. Laura practices an integrative medicine approach, working with horses, dogs and cats to exotics. Laura is not afraid of hard work and prefers dirt over concrete.  

The sound of Laura’s voice depicts invincibility, bravery and the intelligence that you can overcome anything. Her choice of material is smart and bold and the sincerity of her voice transforms each song; you’re always aware of the strength of her interpretation. 

​Laura is collaborating in Nashville to write and record her album and single release with RIAA and Grammy award-winner John Jaszcz, coupled with ACM, ASCAP and Grammy award-winner Doug Kahan. Laura’s has an album's worth of material, which she promises will be an eclectic mix between crossover country and popular music.